Too Tall to Trick or Treat: Visual Profiling Pros and Cons

My daughter's Halloween costume 2015

My daughter’s Halloween costume 2015

Visual profiling sets expectations for students that vary from classroom to classroom.  In a way, students must jump into a costume for each setting in the school.  Please watch my vlog to see more of my ideas on Visual Profiling.

My response is in the form a vlog…again.  I do write out a skeleton script for each of my vlogs, but not having to edit my script for grammar, sentence structure, etc is very freeing for me.  When I stop worrying about how my words will look, I am able to think more deeply and make more connections.  I also wanted to show some of the power poses Amy Cuddy mentions in her Ted Talk and the voices of the professional development videos. Also, I tell myself the vlog allows my classmates to experience my ideas without having to stop everything else.  Feel free to make dinner or wash the dishes while I talk.  I also realize that my spoken word videos may be difficult for learners who prefer written text and that I could work on my verbal presentation skills in an effort to keep my viewers’ attention.

Links to the media I mentioned in my vlog:

The Financial Perks of Being Tall

Mr. Well Dressed

Mr. Scruffy


One thought on “Too Tall to Trick or Treat: Visual Profiling Pros and Cons

  1. That video is hilarious! It really highlights the absurdity of the idea of a “regular” American. I found your analysis of height to be very interesting, especially in the idea that taller people are seen to be more mature, and capable. I have often been in conversations in which people have acted shocked to hear that I am 5′ 2”. In fact, last weekend at a wedding someone actually made me stand next to their 5′ 3” twelve year old cousin to prove it! I think I am going to attribute this shock to Amy Cuddy’s theory about body language. Maybe my bigger personality and expressive body language influence people to perceive me as taller than I am?

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