Digital Hub Finally Under Construction!

My hub has finally found a home on Wix. After tries with Google Sites, G+, and WordPress; Wix is the big winner. It is easy enough to use, allows for images, videos, and html scripts.


I am still amazed by the amount of time it takes to create online content. Most of my work was drafted during previous courses but it still takes hours to edit, unify fonts, margins, add images, and the like.

The site map I created is a great help in keeping my thoughts, and therefore my site, organized. I have even been making notes on the map as I work. So far I have added everything from the “Keely” vein of the Coggle (blue font).

Now I am working on adding all of the tech reviews (yellow font). Initially I made a single page and added each as a link to a webpage that was the Google Doc. I decided that didn’t look right so now I am trying to make a new page for each one and add the text and images directly to the site. This is a very tedious process as the assignments created in previous course cannot be simply copied and pasted directly from the document. Text must be added separate from images and separate from video. I have had to recreate a lot of screenshots!

I can already say I know how to use anchors, add images, videos, buttons, make sub-pages, change backgrounds and more. Pretty soon I will have to add Wix to the list of tech I am comfortable with!



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