Formative Assessment Can Be Fun!

In researching formative assessment (FA) in EDUC 7726 this week, I was struck by how often the method of assessment was the most interactive part of a lesson. FA is FUN! Therefore, I decided to introduce the importance of FA in my Animoto and 3 very fun FA tech options. Though I had used previously, many updates to the application had occurred since my last attempt. I was pleased to see the quick questions that allow for students to simply log into your room and answer true or false. This type of FA could be used as a pre-assessment, a check for understanding during a lesson, or as an exit ticket. If you haven’t check in with Socrative in a while it is worth another look. logo_new is hands down the most fun classroom activity I have ever experienced. I was first introduced to the application in a PD and have used it religiously ever since. There is a lot more investment of teacher time in creating a Kahoot. Therefore, using Kahoot as FA requires extensive planning.


Before I settled on my third fun FA, I tried out a number of options listed in the Power Point/Google Slides. I saw a lot of potential for my classroom. In a few cases I found it very time consuming to learn the application. If learning the tech for the Formative Assessment becomes the entire lesson, the students will veer away from the learning target. Therefore, I advise educators to be wary of using overly complicated tech for formative assessment. Keep the focus on the learning target and the feedback on the students’ journey toward the target.   share  Keely s First Blabberize was very fun and easy to use. It would work well with my student population and curriculum. I was able to quickly pull together a Blabber in three simple steps; select a picture, add a mouth, and record sound. Click here to view my example. I had a lot of fun making additional Blabbers and see my students loving this quick, fun way to reflect on their learning and their next steps.


In closing, I want to add that this was my first attempt at Animoto. It was simple to learn with, but I found elaboration with the character limits to be a struggle. What I learned was that I could use visuals to replace elaborate descriptions. I can also see myself asking my students to use Animoto as a summative assessment. Click on the image below to watch my Animoto on Formative Assessment and the Role of Technology.


One thought on “Formative Assessment Can Be Fun!

  1. I think that the fun factor is really important for students because it leads to engagement and investment. I really like the tools that you offer here. One of the things that I have considered this week is the extent to which I would have to teach students how to use technology tools for the purpose of formative assessments. What I am finding though–and Kahoot is a good example of this–is that they are mostly intuitive. Personally, I have not used Blabberize, but at first glance, it looks…well…fun!

    Thank you for sharing.

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