Teaching Above the Line

Integrating technology as a classroom teacher can feel like being asked to go on a mission to Mars. Teachers are already responsible for curriculum, assessment, feedback, and more. Now we have to know the ins and outs of fleeting applications that may be nothing more than passing fads?! It turns out, this is a skill our students will need to know as 21st century learners. The ability to learn the essentials of an application for a specific use is a highly rated skill. Additionally, using technology to create content requires students to have a deeper understanding of the content.

One way to conceptualize the integration is SAMR. Created by Dr. Puentedura, SAMR is a visual model representing the integration of technology in the classroom as a ladder students can use to reach deep levels of understanding. “Teaching Above the Line” means delivering a lesson that would not be feasible without the integration of technology.


SAMR does not mean that technology always improves a lesson but it allows for the use of technology to make teaching more efficient and more effective. Follow this link for a video offering an example of SAMR in the social studies classroom.

SAMR will make that trip to Mars will feel more like a walk in the park.


One thought on “Teaching Above the Line

  1. This is a wonderfully informative summary of SAMR that I hope you will be able to share with other teachers. I agree that it is a straightforward way to view technology integration.

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