Google Classroom Educator Tutorial

Summary of the Toolgoogleclassroom

Classroom is a free blended learning platform available in Google Apps for Education.   This online classroom is where teachers post homework, class work, class notes, and general reminders.  It is also a platform students can use to safely communicate with one another.  The Classroom allows the creation, distribution, and assessment of assignments in a paperless format on the cloud.

Google Classroom Access

In order to access Google Classroom your domain must be registered with Google.  You cannot register an individual.  Google requires the domain ownership be verified within 21 days of sign up and then Google will confirm that you are a non-profit educational institution.  

How Google Classroom Can Help

The pedagogical uses of Google Classroom are endless.  The one that pertains most to educators is the ability to produce immediate feedback.   This is applicable to Domain 3 Indicator C of the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching: Assessing student learning, providing feedback to students and adjusting instruction.  Instructors can monitor student work through the process by accessing working documents in Classroom.  Possibilities include, assessment, tracking work completion, offering comments and edit suggestions, and collecting data on pacing. Through seamless integration with the suit of Google Apps for Education; Google Forms, Slides, Sheets, Docs, or Drawings can be posted in the Classroom for students to view, edit, or to have their own copy.  Classroom also syncs with Google Calendar, allowing students to view upcoming and even past-due assignments.


Specifically for those working in the K-12 setting in Connecticut, Google Classroom also increases communication and collaboration.  This is applicable to Domain 4 Indicator C Working with colleagues, students and families to develop and sustain a positive school climate that supports student learning.  Classwork announcements will be posted at the start of the school day.  Links to videos, worksheets and class notes can be access from home by students and parents alike.  Assignments, both long term and short term will be posted as well.  You and your student can access her/his dashboard, listing assignments and completion rates.  Additionally, if a student is absent from class s/he can access an overview of what occurred and attempt to follow along from home.  Classroom’s cloud based access allows seamless real time communication between school and home.


Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others.


Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and link to and cite sources as well as to interact and collaborate with others, including linking to and citing sources.


Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and present the relationships between information and ideas efficiently as well as to interact and collaborate with others.

Access my step by step You Tube Tutorial

How to do it

Now that you have seen a brief overview of the educator uses for Google Classroom, try it out yourself.  First type in the URL: and it will bring you to the login page as pictured below.  Classroom by Google

Select your school email from the drop down list in the upper right hand corner.  If you have never logged into your device with your school email you will have to type it in yourself.  Once logged in, you will be brought to the dashboard.  Initially, the dashboard will be blank.  Click on the plus sign in the upper right hand corner and select create a class.  Name you class and click CREATE.  Google offers customization options for the classroom including themes and header images.  Students must self-enroll in your courses using the class code on the left hand side of the screen.  Students will click the plus sign on the top right of their screen, enter the class code, and select JOIN.  

Course streams allow educators to post announcements, assignments, or discussion questions.  Integration with Google Docs allows the creation of copies of documents for individual students to work on.  As the document is stored within the Google Drive folder for the Classroom, educators can access student work in progress and offer immediate feedback.  Assignments automatically sync with Google Calendar and

Finally, the three bars in the upper left of the screen allows navigation between courses, directly to assignment lists and setting management.Classroom


Google classroom is only available to users with a registered non-profit domain.  Currently, there is no ability to create collaborative documents for small groups within the classroom; anything you post, the whole class can see.  Distribution of differentiate assignments or assessments is encumbered.   As classroom allows access at any time of day or night, students might expect immediate feedback.  It is important to develop response guidelines with your students. Additionally,  Classroom does not allow educators to register students or allow for data collection via a gradebook.


Google Classroom is an indispensable tool revolutionizing online learning.  Google reports Classroom saves teachers 52 work hours per year and 90% in support labor costs.  The SLA guarantees is 99.9% service uptime, there is a three year 329% return on investment, and it costs nothing.  Classroom allows immediate feedback to guide instruction and inform personalized learning.  It is a window into the classroom that allows for parents, students and teachers to communicate without sending time consuming emails or making phone calls that interrupt the workday.  Google Classroom is an essential tool in creating global competent students in the 21st Century.

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Created by Keely Garden 2/2016


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