It’s Time to Drop a Little Emily Post

Today’s students are not addicted to technology. They just don’t know how to use it appropriately. Maybe its time we drop a little Emily Post and teach appropriate use in addition to use.

* I chose to create a vlog in response to the open mic. With all of this discussion of technology and etiquette I find I am drawn to communicating in person more than ever. I visualize myself talking to my colleagues in a class setting when I make these videos. I realize it is not the same, but in my mind it is the next best thing. This coursework has even influenced me to spend more time making phone calls to and spending time with people who are important to me. I want to connect more deeply and more personally. The last few chapters of Turkle “Alone Together” got under my skin.  Real life should be better than online life.


One thought on “It’s Time to Drop a Little Emily Post

  1. Great reasoning, Keely, on why everyone wants to call our kids’ use of technology an “addiction”. Much easier for parents and teachers to chalk up irresponsible use to some sort of disorder than take responsibility for instructing and modeling it!
    Turkle has gotten me back on the phone too!

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