The Age of Technology (this is a pun)

Technology is ever present in our lives. Babies are born into a world of selfies and senior citizens are on email (59% aged 65+ according to Older Adults and Technology Use).

In my experience, young children are most often using technology to make rote educational activities engaging and for entertainment at home. Adolescents are combining educational and daily life technologies to add a social aspect to every task; educational or not.  Adults use educational technology to obtain college degrees and to fix leaky sinks and in their daily lives to zone out during marathon NetFlix binges.

My concern is that we have not yet developed a driver’s ed course for technology.  Technology is rarely taught. It is expected to be learned on your own from youth, through adolescence, and into adulthood. In Douglas Rushkoff’s article Young Kids and Technology at Home, he communicates kids often know more than we do about technology so “Who are we to tell them how to behave, when to log-off and what not to do?”  We have lost our power. I do not have any answers to this struggle.  I want to teach my students how to use technology. I find myself lecturing in front of the classroom, a student offers insight on the digital tool I don’t have, and I step off of my platform defeated.  They didn’t need that lesson.  Technology adds to our life and creates conflict.  Peer to peer, student to teacher, parent to child power struggles occur over the use of and teaching of technology. 

Please watch my Vlog for more of my ideas on technology across the ages.

Go Noodle article referenced in vlog:

Neuroscience for Teachers: Applying the Research (Part IV)

*I selected a vlog format as I am most comfortable expressing personal opinion and giving personal anecdotes conversationally. I chose to speak from my desk in my classroom as I am speaking as an educator.  I also chose to have the picture of my children in the background as I am speaking as an parent.  I hope learners can connect to my experiences or they may not opt to stay with me for the length of my vlog.  I chose to add the written text to my wordpress to point out the aspects of my vlog that answer the questions posed in the Open Mic assignment. I did not script my entire vlog as I have done in the past.  I worry that I may have missed a vital point but I believe I come across as much more relaxed and human than the robotic reading of content I have been prone to in past vlogs.


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