Learning from Grumpy Cat

I started my quest to find a digital learning hub using the suggested links.  I liked the simple design of the APS Digital Instruction Specialist site. Then I began a Google search using combinations of the following search terms; teacher, 7th grade, social studies.  Initial search results revealed school web pages detailing day to day intricacies.  I did garner some good ideas from these sites but I hope to create a hub focused on tutorials and unit plans not class supplies and field trip permission slips.

In an attempt to avoid school controlled sites I added platform names one at a time; Weebly, Wix, Google Sites, etc.  This search produced better results.  One of my favorites was Mr. Johnson’s 7th grade SS class at NGMS because he added pictures of his travels to Africa and Indonesia.  I was drawn into his site or as Ian O’Byrne would say, it was sticky!  Knowing that my last great vacation was to Delaware (not as exciting as Mr. Johnson’s climb up Mount Kilimanjaro) I will have to find another plan to draw readers in.

After a time intensive search I finally smartened up and added the term “digital learning hub” to my Google query.  The results were mostly news worthy articles on the value of DLHs but I did find a single exemplar that may well be my favorite; the Woodhill Digital Learning Commons: The Hub is a clean site with page links at the top for Research & Databases, Student & Teacher Projects, and Readers & Writers.  It meets the credentials for shiny and it contains the content I am looking for. 

I also came across another site that really interested me about a student run digital learning hub called pizziclass.  In my last blog for #ED7720 Filing Cabinet Makeover, I fantasized about having my students create multimodal tutorial in order to reach the highest level of the C3 framework and bring to life the ideas we are learning as a part of the UNH IT&DML program. Pizziclass is doing just this.  Though the site is not well detailed, it does contain contact information and I hope to add this educator to my personal learning network.
As I finalize my platform selection and begin building my digital learning hub this week I want to reflect on how to make my site shiny & sticky. My students are most attracted to bloggers and vloggers that are funny or strange.  Grumpy Cat, Glozelle and Miranda SIngs are some of their favorites.  How can I add this type of draw to my product and still remain a professional?


One thought on “Learning from Grumpy Cat

  1. You’ve thought about this from many different angles. Your search methods yielded great results. I think each site you found has something to offer. Saving the sites and adding the authors to your PLN makes sense, and it’s easy to do. You raised an excellent question about making the hub appeal to students.

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