Getting educated = Creating knowledge

The Network Learning Project allowed me the opportunity to learn about being a vegan before lunch.  I developed a list of recipes and a strategy for remaining vegan while travelling.  More importantly, I learned how to learn in 2015.  Knowledge creators have covered the internet in information and it is yours for the taking.  Learn what you want, when you want and how you want.  Yes, there are traps like information overload and endless products to purchase, but if you “mind the gap” you can learn anything.  Curmudgeons beware!  You are still required to interact with people to learn in this new fangled way.  Best of all, the new learning requires you to engage and experience knowledge.  I created a video timeline of my experiences with the NLP.  Rather than a list of information experts shared with me it is a demonstration of what I have learned and how I learned it.  Enjoy!


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