Vacation…all I ever wanted

IMG_2460 (1)

Finally!  My summer job is over and the family and I are off on an exciting road trip through the Nation’s capital and down to the beach in Delaware.  I know; the history teacher taking her kids to D.C. is such a surprise.  But the kids loved the monuments, taking the metro and of course the hotel pool.  This trip has made keeping up with my VBL (vegan before lunch) goal really difficult.  I did not do enough prep work to know what to eat at the hotel breakfast.  Here is a quick look at what they offer.

Usually, I start my mornings with a coffee with almond milk.  The Hyatt Place does not have almond milk.  So non-dairy creamer it is for me.  My kids are not so upset about the lack of almond milk.  (The cow’s milk vs almond milk taste test was a flop).  The kids hated the almond milk!  They thought it was totally gross.  Of course I bought the gallon container so I have been slipping it into their morning smoothies until it was gone…but you won’t tell them, will you?

15 - 1
Luckily, I did bring my Shakeology packets and my immersion blender so I can have a shake after my coffee.  I have worked out a recipe I really like.  I fill the cup up to the “k” with water, add the protein powder, a banana and some orange extract.  Then I blend until smooth, add ice to the top and blend again.  It is a nice smoothie consistency.  But at less than 200 calories, they do not hold me over until lunch.  My solution is to grab some of the nuts and dried fruits found at the oatmeal bar and pack them to go.  By 10:30 am I starving and they are a necessary snack.

To sum it all up, VBL is not as easy on the road.  Using my PLN (personal learning network) I was able to view several lists of vegan breakfasts and make do with I found at the hotel buffets.  Back to the long drive south.IMG_2433


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