Keely’s Classroom

Last week I took a stab at the one minute commercial assignment for ED7710.  It came out super scripted, and rather lame.  I sound like I read about teaching without actually teaching anyone.  Feel free to watch the first BAD draft here:

Then with some feedback from a mentor, I turned it around and made what I consider to be a pretty accurate reflection of who I am as a teacher.  The new and improved version:

Feel free to comment on which “commercial” you prefer and why.


4 thoughts on “Keely’s Classroom

  1. Needless to say, the two commercials are very different. As a viewer, I prefer the second version because you managed to capture your authentic self. By including statements like: “I want my student to laugh, I want my students to work, I want my students to love it,” you reinforce the idea that are a coach and that you care deeply about your students’ success. I also love the musical element in this version–again, it supports the lighter tone, which reflects the tone of your classroom. I enjoyed it.

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  2. Keely,

    Love the commercials! I like the second one more because you seemed less scripted. I like how you talk about wanting your students to laugh and enjoy their learning. I also liked how you refer to allowing them to fail, because when we fail and we figure out what truly went wrong is when we learn the most.


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  3. Great work, Keely. I like both videos as it takes courage to put yourself in front of a camera for the world to see; if I had to pick one that represents you the most it would be the second. As others have said, it was less scripted and had great flow. I like how you showed your passionate side when you described how you want your students to view; like a “favorite stuffed animal.” I believe the best teachers are transparent with your students, and you certainly have that trait.

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  4. While you appear very professional in the first video, if I were a student I would want to have the teacher in the second video. You got a lot of information and your passion for teaching into a short time frame. Good for you asking for feedback and listening to it! It is not always easy to get notes on something so personal.

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