Milking vegan bloggers for ideas

I have spent the past few days looking into other blogs focused on vegan breakfasts. It took some doing to even figure out how to search WordPress. I eventually found a good tutorial. It turns out they have their own search engine. — Your Blogging Home

I selected the search terms Vegan and Breakfast which resulted in more hits than I could handle.  Adding the term Protein in, narrowed the results but it also turned up some lentil/tofu concoctions that my kids will not enjoy.  In the end I found good lists on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Tasteful Pantry.  I also followed several bloggers including; The Full Circle Vegans, Peace Crafting, Vegged Out Mom, and Vegan Revamp.  Finally, I left comments on 6 blogs.  One of my favorites was Lioness Lifestyle a 10 year old vegetarian who is exploring veganism.  I hope this blogger will be a great resource for the kid perspective on vegan recipes.  As I mentioned in my last post VeganNeeds is also a great resource for me.  I did receive some responses to my comments.  For example, the Full Circle Vegans stated they will look into creating more breakfast based recipes. July 12, 2015 | thefullcirclevegans
Most of the blogs I reviewed include a cereal or oatmeal recipe that called for almond milk.  This will be the next taste test for the kids.  I will compare the whole milk they usually drink to the almond milk suggested on these vegan blogs. IMG_2427                              Photo - Google Photos

This is how the two stack up nutritionally.  Whole milk has 150 calories, 8 grams of protein and 8 grams of fat.  Almond milk only has 30 calories, 2.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of protein.  This makes almond milk sound good to me, but my growing kids need the calories and fat.  Whole milks’ biggest down fall is the sugar. It contains 11 grams of sugar to almond milks’ 0 grams.  It looks like the almond will be fine to add to a breakfast cereal but I would need to replace the calories/fat somewhere else in my kids’ diet.  I hope to have my kids do a blind taste test latter this week and report back the results.


4 thoughts on “Milking vegan bloggers for ideas

  1. I am doing a smoothie breakfast week this week 🙂 there is this woman on Youtube ” bananablondie108″ and she does the vegan lunch box and shows what she gives her kids for breakfast every morning, made me think of you 😉 you should check her out!

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  2. I love Almond Breeze Almond Milk! I use the vanilla unsweetened and I can drink a container that size by myself in one day. I have also tried the coconut variety, which is pretty good. Regular milk and almond milk definitely taste different, it is also a lot thinner. I bet your kids will like it though. I wonder if they would like it with some whey protein isolate powder mixed in? By the way, you can come grab a cake pop anytime!

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  3. Whenever I bring my kids in for their checkup, the pediatrician always asks if they’re drinking their milk. I’ve never bothered to ask, what is so essential in milk? The protein I’m sure, but isn’t it also the calcium? We really don’t drink much regardless and if it wasn’t for ice cream and yogurt tubes, I wouldn’t be able to answer affirmatively. Our species survived for millennia without cow milk, so I don’t personally believe you can’t live healthfully without it. I’m sure you’re finding that this is an multi-faceted and emotionally charged topic in the blogosphere. Good luck on the right solution for your family and keep us posted!

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