#Veganneeds helped me

So it happened.  The interwebs brought me what I need.  I have posted a few blogs about my search for the perfect, vegan, kid-friendly, high protein breakfast.  This has caused several fellow bloggers to follow me.  Yes, I now have a following… of 3!  More importantly, several vegan bloggers have liked or commented on my post and I followed their links back to their blogs.  Where I found awesome information!  Blogger veganneeds had an awesome recipe for banana bread on her blog.  This is one of those carbohydrate heavy breakfast items but my kids love banana bread and I had no clue where to start making my recipe vegan.
I am not writing this to brag about my overwhelming following of 3 (LOL) but as a realization that I have moved away from the desperate search phase of my NLP and into the collection and curation phase.  I am now searching wordpress for tags similar to mine #Vegan, #VeganBreakfast, #VeganProtein, etc and reviewing other blogs.  I am following a few of them as a way to have the overwhelming amount of information in the Vegan World curated for me.  As Robert Scroble said in his interview about Online Curation, don’t try to beat out Huffington Post on reporting events from the White House.  Pick a niche that you can become an expert on.  I also took Dr. Mark Wagner’s advice from his 2012 article “Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips” and I commented on a blog.  Veganneeds has posted several recipes so I asked for help and received a quick response.  Interacting with fellow bloggers will certainly speed up my ability to accomplish my goal.  Veganneeds has already responded that s/he will try to post more breakfast recipes.  This interaction has also altered my criteria for assessment.  I will now add collecting recipes as a response to my blog interactions as a form of success.

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