What I learned about technology in the classroom from fruit salad

Re-purposing happens all of the time in the kitchen.  In my Cooking TPACK experience, a plate became a cutting board and a knife became an apple peeler.  Better tools existed, but I had to work with what I was given.  My son picked a plate, a bowl and a butter knife and I was charged with making a fruit salad.  These tools were well suited to the task, a hard surface to cut on, a cutting tool and a bowl to in which to serve the final product.  I would have preferred a cutting board, a sharp knife, apple peeler, and apple slicer.  But given what I had, I was able to do an adequate job.  Flexibility, creativity and a clear purpose allowed me to accomplish my goal.

My Cooking with TPACK experience was a great metaphor of what I have been learning through the assigned content.  Technology is the classroom is a historical constant.  The pencil, originally invented to record business and tax transactions in Mesopotamia became a classroom staple.  Students have been taught how to use this business tool for to journal, shade a sketch, curl paper, and so on.  Twitter, a social media and advertising tool has been used in my classroom as a summative assessment of students knowledge of the causes and chronology of the Civil War.  In the classroom and in the kitchen, there are times the tool is inappropriate for the task.  I could not have made whip cream with my bowl, plate and butter knife.  Twitter does not teach students about personal space or eye contact.  Pros and cons; the Cooking activity brought to life the TPACK research.  Make do, make use and create in the classroom.  


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