This week’s media about “play” in ED 7710 and TPACK in ED 7714 have made me think about Dinglehoppers.  For those of you that are not Little Mermaid fans, a dinglehopper is what Ariel calls a fork.  Scuttle, a wise seagull, shows Ariel how to use a fork…as a hairbrush.

As evidence by the video clip…it works.  You can comb your hair with a fork.  I feel like this video sums up everything we have been exposed to this week in our courses. Image result for scuttle dinglehopper Scuttle plays with technology and creates a use for it, even if it is outside of its original purpose.  Creating a purpose for the technology is as much the goal as creating artifacts using the technology.  To sum it all up: DINGLEHOPPER!


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