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This week my IT&DML ED7710 class is focused on the constant change technology is bringing to our classrooms and what we as educators can do to navigate these C’s of change.   The John Seely Brown video YouTube Video on motivating learners discusses how successful learners use this constant change to their benefit.  Brown identifies a “gaming disposition” in which learners want to be measured, strive to improve and embrace change.  Their ultimate goal is to” level up” or compete a phase of the quest so they can access the new/changed “next level”.”  These highly motivated learners are willing to collaborate in order to learn something new.  They have to know how to join-groups and appear to have an ability to absorb tacit knowledge through exposure.

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Seely Brown’s ideas really spoke to me and my recently created philosophy.  Like me, he used a sports analogy (surfing) to express the importance of practice in learning.  His take was slightly different than mine as he focused on play as opposed to practice.  He describes surfers trying new tricks, videotaping themselves and sharing their practice with others.  Another surfer half-way across the globe can watch the video, take the idea for the trick and play with it within their sub-group.

Using this same idea in the classroom to motivators learners can be accomplished by integrating technology into our content and pedagogy as I referred to in my philosophy post.  Rick Wormeli, a standards based grading advocate has a great summary of this concept in his video Redos’ Retakes and Do-Overs.  Technology also ensures INQUIRY will be the focus our Social Studies classrooms.  Inquiry requires students use the 5 C’s; Creativity,Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Comprehension.  As educators we must give our students the opportunity to play and practice inquiry in a meaningful way each and every day.  This is my vision for navigating the C’s of change.


One thought on “PLAY = LEARNING

  1. Nice touch with the pictures and embedding the video. I am definitely going to incorporate that into my future blog posts. Good visuals=good first impression. I too liked the surfer reference; instantly I thought about basketball and sharing videos on certain drills with my players. This is no different in the classroom and what we do already. It is our job to now expand on it and become digital experts. I agree with you that technology needs to be integrated into our content and teaching practice. How are you currently doing this in your classes? Thanks for sharing!

    -John V


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