I became a vegetarian over a dozen years ago.  At first I was concerned about hormones in meat products.  We were living in Kentucky and organic food was hard to come by.  Jamie Oliver visited the local bookstore promoting his Food Revolution TV show and discussed Pink Slime (Watch Pink Slime Video).  I was convinced.  After I read more and more about the meat industry I made a moral choice not to consume meat anymore.

More recently, I have learned a lot about the impact animal production has on our environment. In Mark Bittman, Going Vegan if Only for a Day he discusses how eliminating animal products for one day or even one meal can make an enormous impact on our society.  I have decided to take up Mr. Bittman’s challenge and go vegan (a little bit).  I am going to focus my Networked Learning Project (NLP)  energy on maintaining a vegan diet everyday until lunch.  My primary focus will be on alternate protein and dairy sources.  I plan on researching vegan breakfasts on Pinterest and to start.  I will also Google search alternates to my whey protein shakes and egg replacements for baked goods.

I am a little hesitant to pursue this topic.  In general people have a negative reaction to my vegetarianism.  After learning about my choice people most often tell me how they couldn’t live without meat and start listing all of their favorite meat products (EWWW!)  Others have seen my choice as a dinner party/restaurant hurdle to overcome.  Sometimes I hear about how unhealthy this diet is or how people were born to eat meat.  I know that “how to make muffins” might be a more popular choice….but I promise you vegan muffins can be delicious too!!!!!

Image result for vegan lemon blueberry muffins


3 thoughts on “MUFFINS!!!!!!

  1. I’m a huge Bittman fan myself, Keely! I miss his layouts in the Sunday Magazine. I’m not vegetarian myself but have prescribed to his VB6 formula for several years. My network learning project will be food-focused and originates from reading Michael Pollan’s “Cooked” last year. Stay tuned…


  2. Hi Keely! Since I am also a vegetarian, and dairy and gluten free, I totally understand your stance on this and have also looked to the internet for ideas. Two places that might be helpful are Whole Food’s recipe index which has specialty diets as a search category and which has a lot of information. Did you know you could even go vegan with clothing and cleaning products?

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