Using what I have learned (already!)

AMAZING!  I have already learned something that I was able to apply in my professional life.  Yesterday one of my teaching interns questioned if her students were learning anything because she was always having them participate in fun activities, simulations and games.  I assured her that is how we learn and referred to “Jungle Memory Theory.”  I didn’t feel like I really made my point and I kept milling over the conversation for the remainder of the day.  That evening as part of my assignment for EDU7714 I watched a video about TPACK.  You can watch the video here  Today I called a Social Studies faculty meeting and walked my interns through TPACK.  TPACK is the idea that successful instruction occurs when Technology, Pedagogy And Content Knowledge all overlap in your classroom.  My intern was concerned that Kahoots, Google Forms and YouTube Videos are gimmicks.  Well they are gimmicks and they work.  TPACK proves that.  A gimmick can be a deception, a ruse or a method.  Tricking students into learning through simulations, games, debates and technology is proven to work.  The best part was that my supervisor stopped in to observe me during the meeting and she was very complimentary.  It is a great day when theory becomes practice.


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