Let me introduce myself,

My name is Keely Garden and I have been teaching for 18 years.  I have taught at private schools, public schools, middle schools high schools, museums and colleges.  My current assignment is 7th grade Social Studies at Dodd Middle School in Cheshire, CT.  Additionally, this summer I am working as an Instructional Coach for the Breakthrough program at Hopkins.  This program provides exceptional New Haven public school students educational extensions while training Teach for America candidates in the profession of education.

I am the mother of two children and I am married to a college basketball coach.  This fall my son Owen will be entering 3rd grade and my daughter Susan will be entering 2nd grade.  Basketball rules our life and has allowed us great opportunities.  My children and I have gone to the NCAA tournament, met NBA players and traveled extensively with my husband’s teams.  We also lived in Kentucky for 5 years (I highly recommend a visit to the Derby!)  Currently it is recruiting season and my husband will on the road for the month of July looking at prospects. Luckily our cat Berkely will keep us company while my husband is traveling.

This blog will document my path through the Instructional Technologies & Digital Media Literacy 6th Year program at the University of New Haven.  I know the coursework, my family, my career, basketball and Berkley will keep me busy and hopefully make for some interesting stories.


One thought on “Let me introduce myself,

  1. Hi Keely,
    It sounds like you are participating in some really cool endeavors this summer. I do believe that as educators, it is important for us to continue learning and extending our comfort limits in order to gain new insights, perspectives and even challenges. You seem to be doing a whole lot of that! I look forward to learning with you this year.


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